If you are one of the 35 million in United Kingdom that are allergic to dust mites and pet dander, then you could already be aware that a good way to limit your exposure is to replace the carpet in your house with hardwood flooring.

A house with wooden floors and rugs will include just a tenth of the dust a carpeted home comprises. The hard surface of wood flooring greatly reduces the accumulation of allergens in your home, in comparison to carpet, which keeps you and your family members happy and healthy.


The main irritants that pollute our indoor air quality are allergens and toxic chemicals. Dust mites, pet dander and dyes constitute the largest part of irritants that stand between us and optimum wellness.

— Dust mites are tiny spider-like animals that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They eat exfoliated skin and live in carpet, mattresses, and upholstered furniture. A mite’s life cycle lasts only a few months, transitioning from egg to adult within a matter of weeks. It’s their waste products which cause the allergic reactions.

— Pesticides used in gardens and homes accumulate on floors and other surfaces in the home. A recent EPA research found that the accumulation of such toxins on hard surface flooring is considerably less than other forms of flooring.

— Pet dander is drop from cats and dogs. These allergens are extremely strong and maintain their potency for months, adhering to walls, clothing and other surfaces, even travelling with individuals to places where the pets haven’t been.


Every region of the cleaning regimen that’s suggested to correctly maintain your hardwood flooring is also a vital step in reducing the allergens in your house. In fact, natural timber oils frequently have a strongly antibacterial action.

— Replacing all carpets, particularly in the bedroom (where you invest one-third your own time ) will significantly lower the available safe-havens for pollutants.

— Wood floors don’t trap and accumulate concentrations of damaging chemicals and fumes, nor do they become houses for parasites that are unpleasant.

— Using a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep relative humidity at 50 percent or below is fantastic for your hardwood flooring and, makes the surroundings undesirable for dust mites.

— Cleaning the floors with a microfiber mop, rather than standard cleaning procedures, has been recommended by the EPA as an environmental best practice for health care facilities.

The best thing about hardwood floors has long been a favorite of homeowners. Whether you choose the expression of conspicuous rustic lines or a subtly backdrop blend, the allure to organic elements is overpowering.

The stains and finishes available supply a broad variety of colors and styles. Each choice can increase the beauty of your home while making it a healthier environment with significantly fewer allergens and irritants. It appears so straightforward. It is the natural alternative — hardwood flooring.

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