Care and Maintenance

A lot of men and women are hesitant to install hardwood flooring in their homes because they are afraid of their job involved in taking care of it. When you take a look at what’s needed to take care of a wood flooring, it is really not that different from other types. The number one thing to look out for is moisture and water with hardwood flooring due to the harm it may cause.

Your bamboo floor will require routine sweeping to pick up any dirt, sand, or dust that may be present. A weekly vacuuming using a vacuum without a beater bar attachment will remove any debris that collects between the floorboards. A occasional wet mopping or cleaning using the manufacturer-recommended cleaning product is all you have to keep your floors looking great.

A couple of strategically placed mats around high-traffic areas like halls and entranceways will help protect your floors from tracked-in debris or water. Little things like ensuring your pet’s nails are kept trimmed will not just protect your floors, but will also improve your pet’s health.

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